Hi there

Nice to meet you!

My name is Uliana, and I am the initiator of AHORA. I was born in Belarus, grew up in the Netherlands, lived in 5 more countries since, and traveled to many more in the last 27 years of my life. Traveling has always been my biggest passion, I love exploring new places, learning about new cultures, and turning strangers into friends. I have always found reasons to travel, whether it was for studies, work, or love. 

During the pandemic I found out that I can explore our beautiful world while taking my work with me. This has been life changing for me. Since then, I have worked remotely from the island of Tenerife (birthplace of AHORA), mainland Spain, Portugal, Russia, and even Mexico. After having the best two years of my life, I could not deny anymore that I found my calling. While creating AHORA every element that I love came together: sports, wellbeing, personal and professional growth, hospitality and travel. 


AHORA empowers remote workers to master the art of conscious living. Therefore, it is our mission to gather a community of remote workers to develop their body, mind, and spirit in natural surroundings. 


AHORA promotes a lifestyle inspired by the power of living in the moment. Therefore our community is driven by the following values


Dare to experiment with various sports, and activities to develop your body, mind and spirit. 


Challenge your comfort zone and grow personally and professionally. 


Connect deeply with yourself and our community.


Indulge in a comfortable remote working environment surrounded by nature.