Develop your body, mind, and spirit while working remotely from Tenerife

AHORA curates each colive experience to ensure the highest value for you

Each AHORA colive experience is facilitated by experts in fitness, well-being, self-development, spiritual wellness, and hospitality. We work with a carefully selected team in Tenerife that will guide you through your transformational journey. Learn from authentic professionals, and unlock your full potential! 

AHORA values meaningful connections, therefore we select the tribe for each experience carefully during the intake process. This is to ensure that you are surrounded with likeminded professionals who seek meaningful connections, and value being present as much as being productive. Moreover, we customise the activities program for each experience to ensure you can bond over mutual interests.

During the intake process we discuss the following: 

Your motivation to join 

Your expectations from the experience

Your working schedule and necessities/requirements for remote work

Your interests and preferences regarding activities

Are you ready to work and live on your own terms?


Tenerife has one of the best climates in the world, with an average temperature of 22 degrees all year. Tenerife has the most beautiful mountain regions and shores. Moreover, Teide is the 3rd highest volcano in the world. 

You can find stunning landscapes across the island: from volcanic moonlike landscapes, to rainforests, to beaches, and the desert. It is a heaven for nature lovers and adventurers!


  • Design your life the way you want to, and take your work with you
  • Escape winter and indulge in beautiful natural surroundings
  • Continue exploring the world without worrying about lacking annual leave days
  • Live, work, and connect with likeminded professionals
  • Build a conscious lifestyle and find balance between productivity and presence
  • Be inspired in personal and/or professional life
  • Develop your body, mind, and spirit thought various activities and workshops


  • European timezone & developed roaming and infrastructure
  • African temperatures, diverse micro climates & Spanish culture and language
  • Three different mountain regions & Teide volcano
  • Diverse beaches, cliffs, and natural pools
  • Wine regions & banana plantages, Aloe Vera farms 
  • Colonial cities and fishers villages
  • And more…

The AHORA colive experience takes place in a unique venue


This accommodation has various co-working spaces available around the spacious property. Moreover, each accommodation has its own desk. There are social co-working areas, and quiet spaces to focus. There is fast WiFi, and 4G back-up boxes to ensure you are well connected.


We can host up to 15 remote workers during each experience. There are different room options, it's up to you whether you want to stay in a tiny house, share a room, or have one for yourself. We discuss this during the intake, and ensure you have everything you need!


A pool, 4 jacuzzi's and a sauna, barbecue area, sundeck, large garden, bonfire, and various chill area's. Experience living in the outdoors close to nature! Moreover, there is a local team on site that can support you with any requests you might have.


This 5000 square meters farm is located in the local village "Arona". It is surrounded by mountains, and only 10 minutes drive to the coast. During the intake we discuss your transportation preferences, and offer great local deals on car and bike rental.

Room options


Double or twin room for for one or two persons, Either private or shared with one tribe member.


Private tiny house with a double bed for one or two persons. Perfect if you come on your own, with your bestie or partner.


Cottage with 2 double bunk beds for maximum 4 persons. Either private or shared with other tribe members.

Take your work with you, AHORA will arrange the rest

Focus on strategising, creating, brainstorming, and what you do best, AHORA offers you the environment and tools that you need to be productive. After working hours, you can be fully present and engage with others through carefully selected activities for you!

Accomodation with daily breakfast

Spend one month living in our unique accommodation surrounded by nature.

Workplaces with fast internet

Get your work done from various co-working areas.

Meaningful connections

Enjoy spending time with likeminded professionals.

Transformational program

Develop your body, mind, and spirit through various activities.



During the AHORA  remote experience we create a sacred space to grow, experiment, and connect on a deeper level with yourself, others, and nature. 

One month is the preferred minimum duration to have sufficient time to experiment with various sports and activities, connect with likeminded professionals, and get your work done without unnecessary distractions. Upon availability we also offer 14 or 30+ days programs. 

We have various accommodation options and rates start from €1675 per month (5 weekends). If your personal situation does not align with these starting dates, if you struggle to convince your employer, or if you have other questions, please reach out. We are happy to explore possibilities and support you!

  •  Find balance between productivity and presence
  • Grow and unlock your full potential
  • Create meaningful connections


  • Transformational program to develop the body, mind, and spirit
  • Carefully selected tribe of likeminded professionals
  • Unique accommodation in natural surroundings
  • Workspaces and tools to be productive 
  • Daily breakfast
  • Activities and tours in collaboration with local partners that stay far away from tourist traps
  • Weekly house BBQ
  • Various network events where other co-working and co-livings from the island will be invited to expand your network
  • Local volunteering experience the power of service and compassion
  • Optional: local Spanish buddy to improve your language skills


April | 14-04-2023 until 14-05-2023 (last spots available 2-4 week programs)

Summer Break

October | 07-10-2023 until 03-11-2023 

November | 04-11-2023 until 01-12-2023 

December | 02-12-2023 until 02-01-2024 

2024 season TBD


Hi my name is Uliana

  • I am proud to have a Master of Science in tourism and hospitality management from EADA Business school, and over 10 years of working experience in the industry
  • Travelling is my biggest passion, I lived in 6 countries, and explored many more while working remotely
  • Creating unique experiences and strong communities is my expertise
  • With a certification in human design, I empower you to live in alignment


While creating AHORA, I combined my personal and professional experiences and everything that I love and stand for.

With AHORA I strive to unite likeminded professionals and support them in unlocking their full potential. Moreover, I want to give them the tools to find balance between productivity and presence, in order to live a more fulfilling life. 

I truly enjoy interacting with you!

Do you have any questions or remarks? Fill the form below, or reach out via e-mail! Love, Uliana

Email [email protected]

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If you are ready to unlock your potential during a transformative remote working experience, but our starting dates, duration, or anything else does not align with your personal situation please reach out to discuss the possibilities. 

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Check out the frequently asked questions here.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, reach out via WhatsApp or e-mail. We are here to help!